After the storm comes the sunshine.


Air traffic is resuming slowly but steadily.

This crisis has shown how resilient we all are. We know how adapting to this new reality comes with its share of new challenges to tackle : restore essential operations while enforcing social distancing, find savings without sacrificing customer experience, and provide safety and comfort for everyone by removing touch points.


Difficult, but not impossible.


At Moment we provide elegant, agile and sharp innovation. Our technology enables our customers to adapt in turbulent times in many ways : from using a wireless service from the safety of their own devices to providing digital in-flight entertainment solutions that also include security, safety and relaxation modules.


In a matter of only a few weeks, you too can get our turn-key service running – at the best price – giving you time to focus on what matters most : taking care of your customers, your employees and your community.

Adapting customer experience in the time of coronavirus

This is how we can help.

Digitalize your press offer

Eliminate hard-copy magazines & newspapers to avoid virus spread. Offer passengers digital press content, both inflight and in lounge.

Broadcast safety messages

Digitalize announcements and make safety procedures available on customer devices. Give the right message, to the right passenger, at the right moment.

Manage social distancing

Whether onboard, or in lounges, our wireless solutions help ease the flow of passengers and significantly cut queueing times.

Our clients

We are proud to work along some of the most innovative airlines in the world.

Start Growing With Moment Today

Moment provides 360° entertainment and digital services to the travel industry. Our wide array of solutions is deployed globally across airlines, railway or cruise companies leveraging technology to elevate customer & crew experiences.