Taking in-flight entertainment to the next level

Next-gen digital entertainment, e-commerce and services solutions for innovative airlines.

Moment builds advanced in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems for the aviation industry. We empower carriers with innovative on-board services ranging from wireless entertainment to onboard e-commerce, connectivity and IoT platforms.
We leverage our expertise in embedded solutions to enhance the passenger experience, improve operational efficiencies and generate new business opportunities. We deliver creative, customer-focused and reliable solutions that make the cabin smart and connected.

Elevating the in-flight experience

Our systems are developed to provide unforgettable experiences to your passengers. They are designed to bring more simplicity, convenience, and pleasure on-board. Above all, they’re built with the passenger in mind. Moment IFEC solutions are built with high-end technology and intuitive interface to achieve a higher level of personalization.

In-flight entertainment. Reinvented.

Enhance the travel experience by providing access to a digital guest portal with thousands of contents in just a few clicks. From Hollywood blockbusters to the latest music hits, your passengers will enjoy the most fantastic contents.

Digitalize your on-board services

Moment makes travel as easy as it should be. Today travelers are turning more and more to digital services to fulfill their trip needs, that's why Moment imagines and creates seamless digital e-commerce, catering or ticketing solutions.

Tap into new revenue streams.

Moment creates revenue generating services that enable airlines to provide an unparalleled passenger experience, while maximizing revenue from on-board sales to increase their return on investment.


Smart cabin systems

Flymingo IFEC, a new IFEC hardware platform helps airlines meet the challenges of modern aviation. It simplifies operations, improves, and enhances safety in aircrafts. With easy access to real time information, the crew has a better overview of the cabin and can focus on providing the best passenger experience. 

Our IFEC solutions

Our solutions are currently retrofit offerable on a wide range of aircrafts, from regional jet to wide-body aircrafts.

App based

Pre-flight app

A versatile entertainment & services platform, accessible on your guests devices.


Portable server

Flymingo Box

A unique portable media server, certified for the aero industry


IFEC Platform

Flymingo IFE/C platform

A revolutionary IFE/C and IoT platform


Wireless Platform

IFEC Portal

A versatile entertainment & services platform, accessible on your guests devices.


Working with your to bring your business forward

Moment is the ideal partner for forward-thinking aerospace businesses. Our integrated, scalable and secure solutions are entirely focused on providing the highest level of excellence and flexibility.

Quick Deployment

Deployment is a matter of weeks, not months.

End-to-end solutions

We deliver a complete functional solution, be it hardware, software, or content.

Digital-first design

We make digital the starting point around which revolve creative and technology strategies.

Agile Development

Our development process breaks down each individual step while considering the project has a whole.

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