Enhancing the airport experience

Best-in-class digital entertainment, e-commerce and connectivity solutions for airport lounges.

Moment develops state-of-the-art technologies that allows transport operators to offer an enhanced customer journey, full of services and entertainment options. Moment provides airlines, airports and lounge operators end-to-end solutions, via wi-fi or tablets, to delight and engage passengers in lounges.

Airport digital solutions

Create a better digital journey

From entering into the terminal until boarding the aircraft, a passenger stays on average 85 minutes in an airport. This limited amount of time has to be the most efficient and pleasant. That's why Moment creates new digital touchpoints with customers and let airport clients access countless services and drive more personalization across the journey.

Best-in-class lounge entertainment

Enhance the travel experience by providing access to a digital guest portal with thousands of contents in just a few clicks. From Hollywood blockbusters to the latest music hits, your passengers will enjoy the most fantastic contents.

  • Movies, TV series
  • Newspapers, magazines
  • Music
  • Games

Digitalizing retail activities

Our innovative platforms allow airport operators to digitalize their retail activity and provide a seamless e-commerce experience.

  • Self-ordering kiosk
  • E-shop
  • On-demand delivery

Airport on-demand delivery service

Shop-to-me brings the shopping experience and products directly to your passengers, anywhere in the airport, in record time. Travelers just have to find their favorite on our app, select items for delivery or pick-up and get them delivered anywhere in the airport. The service can be integrated into an already existing platform or as a stand-alone app.

Our airport solutions


Companion App

Offer contents and services directly in your core application


Wireless service

Streaming platform

A versatile entertainment & services platform, accessible on your guests devices.


Digital Stand

Media Kiosk

Physical spots, with interactive tablets to provide an individual and premium service.


Client Cases


Nice Airport


Since summer 2023, all four airport’s VIP lounges have
been equipped with Moment’s digital entertainment
and service solution.

Key Results
  • 86 000 sessions on 113 000 Wi-Fi connexions
  • 46 min average sessions
  • 4,5/4 users satisfaction rates


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