Provide theater-like entertainment experiences

Feature-rich media solutions to stream content everywhere.

Get the infographic on content trends on board

Based on our 10 years of expertise, we have drawn up an infographic on the content consumed on board planes, trains, and ships to help you build the perfect catalog to match expectations and boost passenger satisfaction


Entertainment on-the-go

Advances in technology and the boom in content creation have ushered us into a new era. The opportunities created by the age of “peak TV” ripple across industries, the demand for entertainment ever growing. Moment can help you create a unique, sleek and user-friendly entertainment platform. Upgrade your services and allow your passengers to enjoy a memorable journey thanks to our wide content catalog and cutting-edge solutions.

Power your entertainment service

Moment's mission is to power any entertainment experience while-on-the-go. Keep your guest entertained and improve customer engagement with our 360° content streaming solutions.

Increase satisfaction

Enhance your client's experience and boost loyalty providing them the most compelling journey.

Customer knowledge

Analytics to help your business gain valuable insight into your customers' needs.

New revenue streams

Implement creative ways to boost sales and increase your average revenue per customer.

The full range of entertainment at your fingertips

We truly believe in the power of media and contents. In order to create the most brilliant and personalized travel experience, we are committed to select the best content from around the world.

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Apps & Devices

Moment has apps to stream content, giving users a seamless experience on virtually any devices. Stream your media to any of these devices, whenever and wherever you are.


Stream content to Android devices, using any modern web browser or via our stand-alone Android apps.


Enjoy our services on Apple devices. Our platforms are fully compatible with Ipad, Iphone, Imac or Ipod operating systems and browsers.

Apple TV

The Apple TV interface, combined with Moment design, gives you a slick navigation and user experience.

Android TV

Access all your music, games and videos from an Android TV.

Web app

Moment Web App works in any browser and offers all content players to enjoy movies, newspapers, music, games and much more.


Our platform is available for you to enjoy in an interactive virtual reality experience using VR glasses.

State-of-the-art media players

Our entertainment platforms process media seamlessly to provide theater-like experiences. They have been developed to provide the best performance in terms of speed, security, and reliability. They integrate the best DRM technology and use adaptive streaming to optimize the viewing experience across devices and connection speeds.

Content management made easy

Moment's cloud-based content management system is easy to use and intuitive. It allows to manage contents: upload and manage metadata, to animate and editorialize the platform according to your needs. The system also allows to extract data in order to get an accurate vision of platform usage, track performances and adapt your offer continuously to passengers.

Monetize your content platform

Tap into new revenue streams by easily selling content or advertising space. Moment will help you creating positive business cases, whether you wish to integrate advertising, sponsoring packages or pay-walls.

Put entertainment at the heart of your strategy

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