Flymingo – IFE/C embedded platform 

Empowering the smart and connected cabin

The smart and connected cabin experience

Relying on the introduction of IoT technology, Flymingo IFE/C hardware platform offers unparalleled passenger comfort and enhanced safety, providing an innovative solution that improves service offer for passengers while assisting with all the onboard procedures.



Web browsing, News, Advertising


IFE Content Streaming, Moving Map, Games


Secure Payments, Duty-Free Shopping, Buy-on-board Shopping


Air Humidity, Pressure, Temperature


Life jackets, Oxygen masks, Trolleys


Seats, Galleys, Bins Monitoring

State of the art technology

Flymingo IFE/C system includes two components: a Server/WAP and one simple WAP. This flexible configuration allows easy installation on any aircraft type, either in the ceiling or in the avionic bay.

Challenging traditional hardware architectures the latest technologies in Wi-Fi (802.11 ac/ax), Bluetooth 5.0, LTE worldwide compatible, and other innovative radio technologies.


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Flymingo IFE/C hardware platform creates an onboard communication network to manage an ecosystem of interconnected devices. Serving as the central hub in the cabin with which all elements, it centralizes, orchestrates and processes all cabin data.

Effortless management

Easy access to maintenance ports and control panel. Allowing fast and smooth content updates without interfering with crew activity.

Flexible installation

Flymingo can be installed overnight, either in the ceiling or in the avionic bay. The installation is easy and fast.

High Performance

Swift and effective performance. Embarking state-of-art technology and components to deliver unparalleled Wi-Fi coverage and streaming speed.

Connectivity ready

Supporting the connectivity and bandwidth demands of passengers.

The age of the IoT is ripe with opportunity for innovative solutions in the design of aircraft interiors.
Our solution unlocks continuous improvements for airlines, helping them to save precious time and money.

Tanguy MorelCo Founder & CEO

Making crew life easier

Flymingo simplifies crew operations, improve efficiency and safety for airlines, it automatically checks elements such as seatbelts or overhead bins and helps the crew have a better overview of the cabin and allow them to focus on improving passenger experience.

  • Count life jackets or oxygen masks

  • Check seatbelts and tray tables positions

  • Process galley inventory

  • Verify operational use of  kitchen appliances

  • Identify free space in overhead bins

Flymingo IFEC Experience

Enhancing passenger travel

Flymingo Connect supports HD video steaming, gaming, e-commerce applications, inflight web browsing, and much more. With Flymingo Connect, passengers are able to customize and control cabin elements such as
light, temperature or even input their dietary preferences in the system, order beverages, and duty-free items directly to their seat.

  • Stream IFE contents

  • Browse Internet

  • Get travel advices and recommendations

  • Pre-order meals and beverages

  • Receive targeted ads and offers

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