Wireless Inflight Entertainment Canada JetlinesAviationCase studies
mai 15, 2024

Canada Jetlines, the new Canadian airline

Canada Jetlines is a leisure airline, headquartered in Toronto. With three aircraft operating in 2023, they have set an ambitious target of expanding their fleet…
Air-CorsicaAviationCase studies
avril 25, 2024

Air Corsica, the beauty island’s main airline

Air Corsica is committed to continuously improving customer experience by expanding its network across Europe, and by offering innovative services throughout the journey. Since summer…
mars 14, 2024

Get the 2024 Trends shaping the future of the aviation industry

Embark on a journey through the skies as we delve into the latest trends shaping the aviation industry. From cutting-edge technologies revolutionizing aircraft design and…
AirportCase studies
février 21, 2024

Nice Côte d’Azur: France’s third major airport

Committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, the airport decided to enhance the VIP lounge experience, bringing more fun and an upscale touch. In addition, the…
février 13, 2024

Report : Passenger in-cabin experience

Drawing on 10 years of expertise in the onboard experience field, we have compiled a collection of optimal in-cabin strategies and emerging trends. 👉 Stay…
HyperionAviationCase studies
juin 28, 2023

Hyperion Aviation, a leading private aircraft operator

Hyperion Aviation was looking for an entertainment solution to expand and enhance its customer service offerings. The company offered the Flymingo box to its customers,…
mars 14, 2023

Infographic: Content trends on board

Based on our 10 years of expertise, we have drawn up an infographic on the content consumed on board planes, trains, and ships to help…
Case studiesRail
mars 14, 2023

OUIGO, the french low-cost rail reference

In 2020, OUIGO France wanted to broaden its service offering to meet the real needs of its customers and strengthen its commercial strategy to face…