Dear all,

In these difficult times, we invite you to stay safe and we hope that the situation is under control on your side. As you know, Moment (formerly Interactive Mobility) is based in Paris where a lockdown is in place. However we are proceeding with our activities, safe from the comforts of home.

We hope you stay safe and that your projects see the light of day in due time. We remain ready to assist in any way we can : questions, answers, quotes, documentation, or even just a friendly chat to talk to someone and interact in a safe way, over the phone or virtually. We invite you to keep in touch and communicate with us. Social distancing is a must, but we can all stay connected and support each other during these times.

We have, as a lot of people, reorganized our daily lives. We want to ensure you that our company will live on. As a financially sustainable enterprise, we will be here when the situation gets better. We will be here to talk, to meet, to deploy our solutions and keep innovating in the industry. We have taken all necessary measures to withstand the next months and are confident in our foundations.

In the meantime, we wish you the best, to stay safe and sound, to keep washing your hands and applying the measures provided by the World Health Organization.

With our best wishes,

The Moment team