OUIGO, the SNCF low-cost TGV service, which has been successful since its creation in 2013 serving 60 million passengers and connecting 41 cities, decided to develop an unprecedented customer experience on board its trains. This new solution is based on the development of an innovative digital service and entertainment platform. The launch last July on the Paris-Lyon Center route is an opportunity to offer access to WIFI, a new service highly demanded by OUIGO customers, and, relying on Moment technology, a catalogue of tailor-made content for each traveller.

Paris, 13 October 2020 – The digital portal now available on board OUIGO trains between Paris and Lyon Center allows passengers to connect to the Internet, check emails, social networks, and even stream a wide choice of entertainment content. Travellers can also access a large range of movies, series, podcasts, games, as well as daily press, magazines and news programmes. A Kids area has been created to meet the needs of families and young travellers.

While connectivity and entertainment content is proposed as a paid option, a freemium access provides free access to a selection of programmes including games, as well as an interactive map to follow one’s trip and tourist guides.

OUIGO’s requirement was to develop a smooth, fast and intuitive customer experience. With just a few clicks, passengers can identify themselves on the portal using their booking information, navigate the platform and select a paid offer for further services.

The deployment of such a solution allows OUIGO to offer new services on board its trains and to respond to ultra-connected lifestyles and the growing importance given to entertainment and media.

Nicolas Launay, OUIGO Paris-Lyon Project Manager, comments: « Moment’s expertise and disruptive approach have proven to be decisive in implementing this new service in record time. Moment technology will support our forward-looking digital strategy, tailor-made for OUIGO customers and the specifics of a low-cost business model. »

Tanguy Morel, CEO and co-founder of Moment says: “We are happy to collaborate with OUIGO and to contribute to creating an unprecedented digital experience on board. Entertainment services associated with a catalogue of personalised content bring strong added value to the connectivity offering provided to passengers « . He adds: « This collaboration confirms Moment’s positioning as a key technological partner in this sector as rail companies seek to offer new services, even for a fee, to maintain their price competitiveness. »

ABOUT OUIGO: OUIGO is a transport carrier and distributor. Its mission is to produce low-cost travel options for sale at budget fares. OUIGO offers basic high-speed train service at adult fares starting at €10/€16/€19 and children’s fares at a flat €5 or €8. All tickets are digital, sold through www.ouigo.com and authorized travel agents. OUIGO is an SNCF subsidiary employing 500 people taking a simple, streamlined and dynamic approach to business.

ABOUT MOMENT: Moment provides entertainment, e-commerce and connectivity services for the travel industry.  Our wide array of solutions is deployed globally across transport and hospitality companies leveraging technology to elevate customer and crew experience. Global operators and carriers like Air France, Corsica Linea or Air Belgium rely on the agile mindset and innovation of Moment.