Miguel Angel Cañadillas, head of e-commerce at OUIGO Spain, tells us more about the company’s journey and the launch of the OUIFUN entertainment platform in collaboration with Moment.

OUIGO Spain, a subsidiary of the renowned French state-owned railway company SNCF, recently marked its second anniversary in the Spanish rail market. Breaking ground as the first competitor to the incumbent Renfe after the liberalization of passenger rail transport, OUIGO Spain has been making waves with its distinctive approach. With initial destinations covering Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Tarragona, the company quickly expanded its network to cover the whole country. With a fleet of 14 trains, each with 509 seats, OUIGO Spain has embarked on a journey to offer a unique and differentiating travel experience on the Spanish rail market.

Re-define the Spanish rail travel experience

OUIGO Spain entered the Spanish rail market at a pivotal moment. The once-monopolized rail landscape saw the arrival of new players in 2020, prompting OUIGO Spain to carve out a niche of its own. The company offers a low-fare service with a range of optional extras to enhance the journey (WIFI, entertainment, choice of seat, and more…). A service offering that sets it apart from its competitors.

« We had a clear timeline to meet – creating the platform and developing the catalog – and Moment’s team shared our enthusiasm for delivering on time, » highlighted Miguel.

Entertainment on the move with OUIFUN

To differentiate itself from its competitors and establish a strong brand presence, OUIGO Spain partnered with Moment. The company, which specializes in infotainment solutions for the travel industry, is offering its platform on a white-label basis, with flexible modules to suit every need. In the context of the OUIGO collaboration, the platform branded “OUIFUN”, has been adapted to the company’s colors, and includes a personalized content catalog, a real-time travel map, a satisfaction survey, etc.

Passengers can access OUIFUN’s offers on board the train by purchasing the service, or by purchasing tickets as part of the OUIGO PLUS and OUIGO FULL packages, which offer a bundled option.

« Our journey with Moment transformed how our brand is perceived by customers and competitors, while significantly boosting brand awareness, » shared Miguel.

Onboard infotainment, a key driver of brand perception and awareness

The implementation of an entertainment platform has had a considerable impact on OUIGO Spain’s brand perception and awareness. « The launch of an entertainment platform on our trains has altered the way our brand is viewed by customers and competitors alike. It demonstrates our ability to provide valuable and innovative services ». Competitors recognize OUIGO Spain’s commitment to enhancing customer experiences and creating additional value from the outset.

Evolving strategy based on feedback and success metrics

OUIGO Spain initially adopted a strategy focused on providing a wide array of content, such as movies, video-on-demand (VOD), and magazines, to engage passengers. The introduction of diverse content was a fundamental component of their initial approach, supported by organic communication methods. Travelers were guided through QR codes, images, and landing pages that explained how to access the platform once onboard.

The success of OUIFUN’s integration into OUIGO Spain’s services is currently being assessed through collected metrics and feedback. For instance, the satisfaction survey available on the portal has garnered numerous positive comments from users. Today, OUIGO, with Moment’s guidance, is actively developing new communication and commercial strategies aimed at increasing platform usage.

A vision for the future

Looking forward, OUIGO Spain intends to refine its content, marketing and communications strategy with Moment, providing post-deployment support to optimize the success of the service and develop new features to keep up to date. OUIGO plans to evolve its content offering by developing a more concise catalog, to guarantee travelers a clear and pleasant experience when selecting content. The platform’s attractiveness will also be enhanced by allowing users to preview content before making a payment. In addition, internal train communication will be improved, helping travelers to better understand how to use the platform.

A collaborative partnership

The collaboration between OUIGO Spain and Moment stands out for its efficiency. Moment’s business model, which offers a modular and flexible solution, enables quick adaptation to brand needs and identity. As a result, OUIFUN was launched in just 4 months, from the project’s initiation in February to the solution’s deployment in May 2021.

As OUIGO Spain celebrates its second anniversary, it is evident that its bold approach to differentiation has contributed to its remarkable journey in the Spanish rail market. Moment and OUIGO Spain continue to work together to improve the service and optimize passenger use of the platform.