This past year seems like it came out of a science-fiction novel, with a pandemic hitting the Earth and putting us all to the test. For most companies 2020 was a transformational year, and Moment is no exception. It took us a lot of resilience and strength but we came out of this crisis a stronger and bigger company : 3 new contracts with airlines, and branching into new segments of the passenger transportation industry. This important expansion will drastically change our scale of operations to reach 120 million passengers per year, increasing our footprint by 5 times.

Flying to the new normal

We all know how particularly hard the aviation industry was struck by the global pandemic. As many companies within the industry have tried to adjust to the situation, so have we.

First and foremost, we remained united against all odds, by sharing successes and risks with our clients, which is why we decided not to charge our clients for projects that were put on hold. A struggle for our clients means a struggle for us, so we supported them through this difficult time by sharing their difficulties.

Additionally, we adjusted our products to ensure they support new sanitation standards required in a cabin. As Covid-19 easily spreads by human interaction, we helped reduce touch points by digitizing assets, press and allowing passenger information to be conveyed digitally, all for an end-to-end touchless experience. A portal that helps maintain physical distancing, and includes entertainment, interactive maps, important information and health-related news, as well as e-commerce or an order-to-seat system to minimize movement in a cabin is our contribution.

Despite this difficult scenario that we are going through, we remain optimistic as we celebrate victories : over the past year, we were still able to welcome 3 new clients over 3 continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe. These new clients bode well for a promising future ahead of 2021. We will reveal company names and project details shortly.

Diversification. At high speed.

Copyright SNCF/OUIGO – Emeric Fohlen

The pandemic has also accelerated our path to diversification in other segments of the passenger transportation industry. For many years, we felt that our solutions could match the needs from these other segments. In 2020, we finally accomplished that goal by signing 3 new clients in the rail industry, reaching a user base of 100 millions passengers.

As more and more passengers will choose rail as their new favorite means of transportation, we believe it is crucial to craft a truly holistic digital customer experience for this type of journey. Our mission is to make sure customers get all the personalized information they need – including destination guides, real-time travel information, and that they also enjoy their journey while on board.  From access to on-board catering options to entertainment with movies, tv box sets,  digitized newspapers, magazines, and podcasts, including relaxation sounds for adults & children alike, we help passengers access everything they need from the comfort of their seat, once again, minimizing passenger flow and reducing risks of virus spread.

OUIGO, the french low cost high-speed train operator came to us with a service digitization and monetization project in mind. Together, we designed a digital wifi & entertainment platform that creates value for travellers and generates ancillary revenues for the operating company, where connectivity and entertainment are sold as packaged options on passenger journeys. In order to match the specifics of Ouigo’s low-cost business model, our partnership is based around a shared-revenue model.

We are also happy to announce that in 2021, we will be partnering with two other major train operating companies in Europe in order to deploy digital services onboard. We will reveal company names and project details very soon.

Riding 2021

With worldwide operations and millions of new users, we are transforming our operations and making our technology improve on a dramatic scale. Delivering content and services at this scale while maintaining a high bar for performance is an incredible technical challenge that our teams are proudly tackling everyday. Also, after filing a first patent in 2020, 4 other additional ones planned out for 2021.

Our goals are for every passenger to enjoy high-quality content on any device, at any time, and for our system to scale seamlessly as our global end-user base grows. Our next challenge is already in our minds : to bring the Moment experience straight to new environments, including  smart TVs in ship cabins and common areas, as well as new segments of the hospitality industry.

2021 will be more than ever before a year dedicated to our clients in all industry segments : from more research into cloud-computing, analytics, and AI experimentation to delivering new and exciting features for the best onboard customer experience on our streaming platforms, we are committed, confident and determined to always put our clients first.

2020 is almost over, and we all feel like it’s been going for too long already. We still have a long way to go, yet we’re grateful to have come out stronger on the other end. We’re proud of the fabulous team that made us adapt and strive. To you, clients and future clients, 2021 will be a year we commit to answering your needs even further, allowing you to develop your activities, offering best-in-class experiences to your passengers, while worrying less about the rest. We commit to treating our customers just as we like to be treated as passengers : with the best customer-service, attention, flexibility and care. Share with us your experience and your expectations for a new, bold and rebooted passenger experience in 2021, and let’s engage.

Onwards. Upwards. And stay healthy. 🌈