Since 2013, Moment has been integrating CSP expertise with state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions with one objective in mind: making each passenger’s experience unique. As an international content provider, we deliver highest quality content to the transport industry thanks to our perfectly executed end-to-end solutions. We curate, acquire and manage content to ensure the most appropriate, engaging global content proposal for our clients. Having exceptional content, that consumers can actually enjoy, is the primary goal of our content journey.

But what is a content journey? We are mainly referring to the process from curation to delivery.

Let’s dive into these steps in more detail!

How do we choose our content? 

Moment-Posters Films

Our team works daily in an effort to look out for content from all major Hollywood studios, but also smaller independent productions, in order to ensure a high-quality viewing experience. Gary Loterstein, Moment’s Content Manager, says: 

“We view content as another means to set our passengers on a journey, and having their trust is a way to engage them into viewing something unexpected.”

We provide our clients with a new approach to passenger’s entertainment experience : a balance between popular blockbusters and an accurate handpicked selection. Though having a broad and abundant offer remains of interest for the passenger, we believe meaningful experiences rely on the quality of the content we offer rather than the quantity.

« The selection process is not an endeavour we do on our own. Our job is to advise our clients and implement their strategy for content services. So far, we’ve been lucky enough to have clients who have entrusted us to be creative, and not necessarily go down easy paths which can lead to only providing content that every operator usually has on board.”

Moment meets each and every client need with practical solutions and tailored services. Our main goal is to understand our customers’ singularities so we can come up with a flawless and customized content proposal.

Then, it’s time to acquire content; but how? 

Our dedicated Content Acquisition team carefully selects the most suited content for our clients that will guarantee the engagement of their customers. We aim to be innovative in the content we offer; that means always being on the lookout for new releases and new partners. Gary is clear about it:

“One of the best examples is on the short programs market; there are plenty of new opportunities emerging thanks to very creative producers and distributors providing us with audio series, podcasts, and digital content that we are very excited to include in our offers”

In fact, Moment has an extensive network of content providers, including world-renowned international studios and smaller independent productions.

Securing our existing relationship with the studios that have supported us and partnered with us over the last few years is incredibly important. Continuity in a business relationship is obviously something to be looked after.

But also, we try to identify new content distributors, obtain new rights and work closely with various local distributors to understand different territories and take advantage of new opportunities.

“Securing strong local partnerships is the key to having a swift and premium response for any new client we meet. It’s also a great tool to diversify our catalogues with outstanding titles from all around the world.”

Our Content Acquisition team oversees content licensing plans, checks new availabilities and manages content rights to determine how programs may be leveraged. And of course, we lead negotiations with right-holders to secure content licensing agreements and set-up the best deal for both parties.

Content acquisition is a step that needs to be carried out with coordination between different internal departments, including Legal, Production and Marketing, to safeguard the operation and quality of the procedure.

Finally, we arrive to management & delivery : The final steady step 

Moment-Mockup-CSP Back-end

We have made the strategic choice to have our own technical lab within our facilities. This specific decision, taken at the inception of the company, allows us to control the whole value chain and master the entire content workflow. Indeed, one main advantage is that we can gain agility in our process, that way we deliver our solutions to our clients in no-time. It also allows us to do our own research in encoding, and to attain better video quality, ensuring we reach higher performance. 

Before we can deliver, our Multimedia team takes care of the packaging. This step entails: 

  • Editing: adapting and modifying the files as necessary; for example, by adding subtitles to an english movie when the destination is not english-speaking 
  • Encrypting : ensuring the material is secure thanks to DRMs, thereby preventing illegal access. 
  • Watermarking: adding a marker to confirm the authenticity of the file and recognize the owner of the content. 
  • Encoding : making sure our content is readable by converting it to a format that can be read by specific programs.

When the packaging step has been conducted, we can move on to testing. This would be the quality check step, when we ensure that the content is ready to be broadcasted. 

Security, copyright, and the fight against piracy are all paramount issues that should be managed carefully. After years of experience in dealing with various studios, we have provided our partners with highly effective security measures to guarantee that all materials delivered to us are protected through various DRM protocols.

The security we supply is efficient on all devices available through our wireless streaming platform. Our long-time effort has allowed us to be approved by all major studios and independent distributors around the world, across all our variety of services.

A tailored journey that guarantees customer satisfaction 

Delivering prime quality content on board is not an easy mission. It takes time, dedication and enthusiasm to deliver, and of course, exceptional partnerships. Mastering each one of these steps has allowed us to excel in our field.