Interview with Luc Bereni, Air Corsica President 

Air Corsica, the leading airline in Corsica, has been serving the region since 1989 with a primary focus on public service. As the regional aviation leader, the company continuously expands its network to the mainland, the Mediterranean basin, and throughout Europe.

« We had two choices: continue with our traditional approach after the pandemic or embrace modernity, variety, and dynamism. We appreciate the rapid evolution that technology enables. »

Air Corsica carries around 2 million passengers a year to 16 different airports. The company operates 30 annual and seasonal routes, mainly domestic, but also international to Italy, Belgium and Portugal. Air Corsica is determined to maintain its preferential position on all routes to and from Corsica. The company is investing heavily, making it one of Europe’s most modern airlines, with the purchase of 4 new A320neo and 5 ATR72-600 aircraft to complete and renew its current fleet of 12 aircraft.

To further enhance its growth, Air Corsica has partnered with Moment to improve its onboard experience by the end of  2023. The digitalization of its IFE services has been driven by two key factors, one environmental and the other strategic to improve passenger experience.

In the past, Air Corsica provided onboard newspapers and magazines, which were discontinued in spring 2020, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, and never reintroduced. Instead, the airline made the decision to embrace digital IFE as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. This aligns with their « Ambizione 2025 » environmental charter, focusing on actions such as reducing fuel consumption, carbon footprint, and eliminating waste generated by physical magazines.

Luc Bereni, President of Air Corsica, emphasized this transition, stating, « We had two choices: continue with our traditional approach after the pandemic or embrace modernity, variety, and dynamism. We appreciate the rapid evolution that technology enables. »

In addition, Air Corsica is committed to improving its passengers’ experience, which is a crucial element in the company’s commercial strategy to maintain its leading position on the Isle of Beauty. The island is becoming increasingly competitive, with the arrival of low-cost carriers such as EasyJet, Volotea, Transavia and Ryanair, alongside the national carrier Air France. Air Corsica is therefore seeking to differentiate itself and improve its product offering. While traditional newspapers and magazines have remained unchanged since their first flight in 1990, the introduction of the innovative IFE and buy-on-board (BoB) customer service marks a significant change. These initiatives are part of its New Product Flight (“NPV”) project. Considering short and medium-haul flights, Air Corsica quickly dismissed seatback IFE solutions due to acquisition costs, maintenance concerns, and added weight. Instead, the airline focused on the wireless and portable IFE system. 

Air Corsica caters to three categories of travelers: Corsican residents, Corsicans living outside the island (diaspora), and tourists. Each group has specific expectations that align with the airline’s brand strategy: highlighting Corsican identity. The IFE content and the BoB menu feature numerous Corsican products, showcasing the island’s cultural heritage and young talents through entertainment and onboard offerings.

Looking ahead, Luc Bereni expressed the airline’s ambitions, stating, « Once we have established our New Product Flight (NPV: « Nouveau Produit Vol » in French), the next step will undoubtedly involve leveraging this technology to enable onboard sales. We aim to link the two, allowing passengers to make purchases from their seats without needing to interact with a flight attendant. This will include offering additional services such as hotels, car rentals, activities, as well as merchandise. Technological innovations enable us to pursue these ambitions.”

Moment is delighted to support Air Corsica in its modernization and digitalization transition. We are looking forward to extending our solution across the company’s entire fleet, to offer a unique and memorable experience for all its passengers.