2023 marks a close-to-normal return for the aviation industry, which faced unprecedented challenges due to the Covid-19. The travel restrictions and bans associated with the pandemic have had a serious impact on the transportation sector, particularly the airline industry, which has seen its activity shut down for nearly 3 years. 

Today, aviation is a highly competitive market and airlines must renew themselves to stand out from the competition, moving from being a simple carrier to creating memorable travel experiences. Improving the quality of customer services is an important element of competitiveness to maintain customer loyalty and therefore ensure the sustainability of the company.

The importance of passenger satisfaction

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reports that passenger traffic reached about 76.9% of its pre-crisis level in 2022, and statistics predict a full recovery by 2025. This return to normal takes place in a context of strong market growth and increased competitiveness. To ensure long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty, airlines need to improve every touch point (pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight) for their passengers to meet their growing expectations. 

Means and actions to build passenger loyalty

From the pre-boarding organization, the human relationship with the crew, the quality of the food, the integration of technology and connectivity on board… Everything must be thought of to create a memorable experience and make passengers want to fly again with the same company. 

Over the past decade, in-flight connectivity has become essential to enhancing the passenger experience. This new mindset was born out of a broader digital revolution, which has completely reshaped society and created new expectations from the ever-connected travelers. Today, 97% of passengers use their own devices inflight and 50% of them are more likely to watch movies, series etc… (Inmarsat 2022 passenger survey). They seek an in-flight experience just like at home.

We have the solution

These new passenger expectations for in-flight services, entertainment and information are at the heart of our Mood platform. Pixel-perfect, Mood is created by our design experts for optimal use by the passenger. In addition, the platform is white-labeled and modular, adapting to our clients’ graphic identity and integrating different modules (entertainment, customer service, satisfaction questionnaire, menu, in-flight magazine, etc.) according to their needs.

Focused on passenger comfort, the platform offers a richer and more relevant in-flight experience. Whether a frequent flyer or a new traveler, Mood will help make their flight more enjoyable and memorable, increasing the likelihood that they will choose the same airline again.