Since we started developing Flymingo, we’ve been hard at work rebuilding an on-board wireless inflight entertainment service with a fully digital approach. 

We’ve re-thought everything about IFE to create an experience that’s reliable, flexible and handles passengers devices and crew activities, effortlessly. We wanted to craft the most innovative solution possible: a service that would be integrated to airlines’ digital strategy and able to take it even further. 

Flymingo is a 360° Wireless IFE Solution, combining a portable server, an engaging UI and fantastic contents. Flymingo is more than just entertainment. It delivers e-commerce services, helps airlines digitally connect with passengers, clears up their communication, and empowers their crew.

To summarize, we have made Flymingo an awesome choice for airlines that want to embrace digitization. 

Digital and mobile-first approach:

We make e-commerce, entertainment and communication services available on passengers’ devices through mobile applications and web services.

We love to create apps that are instantly familiar to the users. Our aim is that passengers who flew with Flymingo return to it for their next journeys. Our solution comes with a beautiful and intuitive platform. It mimics the patterns of these best platforms you would find on the ground: Spotify, Amazon, Netflix… 

One of the most challenging part of the design was to display so many features and different modules in a natural way. That’s why we made its interface light and elegant to ensure that content is paramount.

High Performance: 

Moment’s R&D team has spent more than two years developing the device that supports the whole service: Flymingo Box. Its unique technology allows us to have the best performances on the market.

  • One box provides speedy streaming throughout the cabin of a single-aisle aircraft.
  • More than 100 passengers can stream simultaneously.
  • Flymingo has an extended battery life and lasts up to an incredible 15 hours between charges. 


Flymingo packs the entire IFE experience into a 10-inch frame. Space is very limited in aircrafts, that’s why Flymingo portable mini-server is just 10″ (W) x 10.4″ (D) x 6 ″ (H) and is easily positionable in over-head bins or galley atlas unit.

It’s great to see so much power can fit in such a small box.

Effortless Management: 

Flymingo does the hard work, so your staff doesn’t have to.

Automatic content updates and payments occur when the aircraft gets on the ground.

Thanks to a dedicated application, your crew can manage the wifi network easily, send announcements on passengers’ devices, receive orders and many more.

About us: 

Moment combines technology and digital expertise to deliver the most innovative in-flight entertainment solutions. We are a group of digital-natives passionated about the aviation world, and dedicated to reinventing the passenger experience.

Flymingo brings wireless IFE to the next level. Small but mighty, it’s the perfect choice for innovative airlines.