Pre-flight application

The easiest and quickest way to deploy an IFE service across your fleet

In-Flight Entertainment Made simple.

Our app-based inflight entertainment solution enables passengers to download content pre-flight on their mobile devices to enjoy a wide range of movies, TV shows, and other entertainment choices during their flight.

1. Create your playlist

Before the flight, passengers can browse an amazing content library on their electronic device.


Download your favorite content in a blink. It takes no longer than two minutes for movies.

3. Fly and Enjoy!

The pre-downloaded content is activated onboard and automatically deleted after the flight.


Our companion app is the quicker, more flexible and affordable way to provide contents to all your passengers.

End-to-end entertainment experience

Passengers can enjoy contents before, during and after their travel

Affordable & flexible

No hardware, seatbacks, or in-flight connectivity required
No CAPEX involved

Fast to deploy

Take the overall passenger experience to a whole new level virtually overnight.

Complement your existing IFE

Push fresh contents (Daily news, digital press…). Personalize the content catalog (language, cabin reservation, routes, tier level…).

Leverage Passengers’ Data

Enable higher level of personalization, update the portal with relevant content and measure your platform’s success in real-time

Multimedia Experience

Movies, press, games, music... at your passengers' fingertips.

The best travel companion

Bring a home-like experience on-board !

Offer your flyers a beautiful, engaging app that radiates power and simplicity to easily enjoy contents on their mobile devices while-on-the-go.


Light and elegant interface ensuring that content is paramount. Functionality and clarity motivate the design and convey interactivity.


Our cloud-based service and technology enables fast downloads. Passengers will not have to wait more than 2 minutes to get an HD movie.


Perfect for low-light environments, our dark scheme is designed to be easier on your eyes. And it won’t disturb people around you.

Upgrade your mobile app

Integrate our multimedia solution into your core app, for a seamless and unmatched in-flight entertainment experience.
Our solution features Hollywood-approved Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and can easily be plugged into an airline’s reservation system to implement a smart crediting system and manage content viewing windows.

Inspiring contents for a wonderfull experience

Provide your passengers with a memorable entertainment experience.

From Academy award winning movies, classics to striking documentaries and music playlists, our Content Acquisition experts make sure our lineup is always fresh and diverse to create content selections that match your audience tastes and expectations.

Check our contents
Client case : Air France

Moment curated video content and provided the technology platform for Air France Play, Air France stand-alone IFE app.  The solution was live on middle-haul routes, allowing Air France to offer entertainment content on aircraft that were not equipped with personnal IFE systems (seat-back screens). About 250 000 videos have been downloaded, elevating the on-board experience on those routes.

Bring your IFE to the next level

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