The Iraqi Carrier has selected Flymingo Box to ensure passengers benefit from the latest generation digital entertainment and services solution aboard its aircraft. The service has been deployed since mid-September.

Moment, French leader in onboard digital solutions, has been selected by Fly Baghdad to provide an in-flight entertainment solution aboard its fleet of 5 Boeing 737 NG. This partnership allows the airline to strengthen its recent aviation offering with a suite of unmatched features and an enhanced level of comfort in the cabin.

As the pandemic put the aviation industry to a halt, airlines prepared the business resumption with a new model adapted to the latest passengers’ expectations. In line with this new context, Fly Baghdad wanted to modernize its passengers’ experience by introducing new technologies on-board.

Available since mid-September on-board the first three Boeing 737 NG, the Flymingo Box platform allows passengers to access various content from their personal devices starting from entertainment (movies, documentaries, series, and press) to information (moving map, flight details). The advanced portable wireless in-flight entertainment device from Moment also enables the airline to improve its retail performance with an online duty-free and catering catalogue for passenger purchases.

Launched in 2015 and based at Baghdad International Airport, the airline stands out from its competitors with international flights for its local customers willing to travel outside the country. Currently serving many international destinations, Fly Baghdad wants to accelerate its expansion outside of the Middle East and aims to operate flights to Europe and India.

“Onboard digital innovation is an important step in raising the level of our fleet and transforming the way passengers travel” Mr. Basheer Al-Shabbani, CEO of Fly Baghdad. “The partnership with Moment allows us to adopt a ready-to-use W-IFE system that is also a globally recognised solution. Flexible and robust, it offers our passengers quality content. We are already working with Moment on the next step which is to install Flymingo Box in new aircraft in the process of being acquired and added to our fleet.”

“We are pleased to count Fly Baghdad among our customers. This partnership is important for Moment, supporting our strategy on the Middle Eastern market”, explains Tanguy Morel, CEO & co-founder of Moment. He adds: “By helping Fly Baghdad enhance its passengers’ experience via Flymingo Box, we aim to contribute to optimise the services available during the flight and to strengthen, as a result, the reputation of the airline”.

About Fly Baghdad:

Launched in 2015, Fly Baghdad is an Iraqi national carrier. It is headquartered in Baghdad International Airport and provides several destinations including Dubai, Istanbul, Cairo, Amman, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Fly Baghdad describes itself as “the first technology-oriented airline in Iraq” and its new operational plan puts the passengers’ benefit first.

About Moment:

Moment provides entertainment, e-commerce and connectivity services for the travel industry.  Our wide array of solutions is deployed globally across transport and hospitality companies leveraging technology to elevate customer and crew experience.

Since 2013, Moment has been famous for developing open-innovation projects while building long-lasting client relationships. Today global operators and carriers like Air France, Surinam Airways or Air Cairo rely on the agile mindset and innovation of Moment.