Moment is launching MOMENT CARE, en entity dedicated to the healthcare sector (hospitals, clinics, care centres…). A unique service and entertainment platform, designed to help  deliver an improved patient experience will, as a result be deployed. Accessible to all patients and their visitors from their mobile devices, this innovative offering shakes up current TV systems to improve care and comfort.

If healthcare innovations have gone from strength to strength – from telemedicine to online appointment booking – one can only note that systems dedicated to patients’ welcome and comfort have little evolved and usually limited to access to low-content TV offers, faulty Wi-Fi and services unsuited to new uses. Not helpful when hospitalisation can be already quite a lonely experience.

However, as patients get ever more equipped and connected each year, the healthcare environment has to evolve to meet growing needs.

Moment has decided to contribute to changing the patient experience codes by creating an innovative offering developed by its new subsidiary dedicated to health, Moment Care.

‘Our mission is to support patients by offering them a unique experience that both promotes their commitment, an important part in the care, and meets the technological requirements of tomorrow’s healthcare world, explains Tanguy Morel, co-founder and CEO of Moment Care.

Moment Care’s Mint solution is the first digital platform dedicated to patients and accessible from all screens (TV, computer, tablet, smartphone). Mint centralises hundreds of content and e-services in a portal accessible not only in rooms but also throughout the building. Patients and their companions can access live and on-demand content (TV, films, press, games, podcasts, ebooks, etc.), practical information and services to facilitate their stay (e-shop, welcome booklet, interactive map of the building).

Moment Care sets out to deliver much more than relaxation and distraction. With patient information central to treatments, Mint provides an educational tool that enables patients to better understand their health. Appointments, messages, medical information, prevention: the platform is designed to support patients at each stage of their hospitalisation.

‘Mint’s promise is to provide patients with a home-like experience from their personal devices, with a variety of content and innovative features. Our suite of solutions transforms patient well-being and information to empower healthcare.’ adds Julian Melero, Sales & Marketing Director of Moment Care.

Mint is a digital tool ensuring that patients receive the best possible service, during inpatient or outpatient care. The solution puts patients back at the heart of the healthcare system by offering them a connected experience for the benefit of their comfort and health.

Mint is an agile solution that is easy to integrate by healthcare facilities and does not require significant investment. Thanks to its ergonomics, the platform creates favourable treatment conditions that allow teams to free up time to refocus on their nursing activity.

About Moment Care:

New player in e-health, Moment Care develops solutions to reinvent the daily lives of patients in a rapidly changing healthcare world. Its mission: supporting patients during their stay in a healthcare establishment through entertainment, information and connectivity services. Subsidiary of Moment launched in 2021, Moment Care affirms its ambitions: to become the leader in the digitisation of the patient experience in Europe.