After a trial period, Corsica Linea has deployed Moment’s technology on all its fleet in order to add value to customers’ journeys and increase the level of satisfaction onboard. The new service was implemented this last October.

Moment has been selected by Corsica Linea, a major private French maritime company transporting passengers and goods, to deploy an onboard entertainment solution. This enables Corsica Linea to upgrade its service on the Mediterranean routes by providing reliable digital platform to passengers, accessible from their own mobile devices.

 Corsica Linea, with its 7 ships operating in the Mediterranean Sea and 650,000 passengers carried every year, has long been committed to customer satisfaction and excellence. By partnering with Moment to provide key new features to their passengers, the Mediterranean transport company wants to differentiate its offering from competitors and ensure high customer satisfaction with a privileged service. Connected to the dedicated ship’s server with their personal devices (smartphones, tablets, computers), passengers can access a rich variety of high-quality content. The platform can also boost on-board sales thanks to its shopping functionality: users can browse a digital catalogue and look for products of interest.

In order to meet the expectations of all travellers, including families, Moment has tailored the platform to be a source of entertainment for all types of passengers. Corsica Linea customers can enjoy recent Hollywood blockbusters like  The Lion King and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, while the younger passengers have a dedicated “Kids!” space in the platform, where they can play games or watch movies such as How to train your Dragon The Hidden World, The Incredibles II and academy-award winners Coco and Frozen.

“Corsica Linea prioritises excellence and providing the best passenger experience. This partnership with Moment brings our service to a new level and is in line with our customer-oriented strategy,” said Pierre Mainguy, Marketing and Sales Director at Corsica Linea

“This partnership with Corsica Linea is a great opportunity for Moment and proves that our out-of-home entertainment platform can seamlessly be adapted to a maritime environment. Our entertainment solution for passengers on cruise ships and ferries ensures an onboard fluid and unprecedented digital experience,” comments Tanguy Morel, Moment’s CEO.


About Moment:

Moment’s mission is to power any entertainment experience while on-the-go. With a wide array of solutions deployed globally across airlines, airports and cruise companies, its service is leveraging content to entertain, interact and engage passengers. The company provides entertainment services to companies like Air France, Paris Airport and Air Belgium.

 About Corsica Linea:

Corsica Linea is a French Maritime Company operating in the Mediterranean Sea and committed to customer satisfaction. In 2018, Corsica Linea carried 650 000 passengers. Corsica Linea has a fleet of 7 cruise ferries, mainly operating between Marseille (southern France) and Corsica. They also provide access to ports in Algeria, Tunisia and the island of Sardinia (Italy).